Make Your Product Irresistible

A Video Presentation by John Farkas

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Many B2B technology companies have a hard time speaking to the real market problems their product or service solves.

They love to lead with the technical features and competencies of their product — which makes sense, since they’ve worked hard to create it! However, when launched into the marketplace, those technical capabilities often leave your buyer lost in a sea of jargon that’s not only hard to understand, but impossible for them to relate to.

This video presentation will help you:

  • truly understand who your buyers are - The Buyer MatrixSM
  • empathize with your buyers and their problems (to build rapport)
  • embrace the four essentials of B2B tech positioning
  • frame your customers' problems into a solutions-driven narrative
  • communicate more effectively with them to move them from "interested" to "sold"

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