Case Study

Flourish Research: Bringing an Optimized Clinical Trial Site Solution to the Market


Assembling an organization of clinical trial sites is a real challenge. Each site has its own identity that needs to merge into a new brand. Flourish Research understood the challenge. Leveraging deep market research, we helped the company hit the mark with a bold, fresh brand identity, featuring a distinctly modern logo and color palette, to amplify powerful, clear messaging. Flourish Research is now positioned as a dynamic and reputable leading force, elevating industry expectations and challenging the status quo.

Lay the Foundation
Foundation Workshop

The strategic workshop focused on understanding sponsors and CROs, the primary buyers in the clinical trial market. The Flourish team shared insights to guide us toward empathetic, buyer-focused messaging.

Buyer Matrix℠

Building on the insight we gleaned in the workshop, we explored the specific problems facing sponsors, CROs, and secondary buyers. We then mapped how Flourish helps these audiences with their most pressing pain points in the clinical trial process via our Buyer Matrix tool. Our team gained the information needed to craft clear, concise messaging that resonates with each audience.


A consistent theme emerged throughout our discovery process: a strong desire to promote the advancement of science and medicine for the good of humankind. The theme of “flourishing” saturated our discussion, and the idea naturally manifested in the name we recommended and their team ultimately chose. “Flourish” leaves the door open to welcome new sites into the brand and serves to highlight the collective group’s expertise, while truly reflecting the heart of this organization.


New Name:

Flourish Research Case Study
Messaging Platform

The workshop and buyer matrix helped our team distill Flourish’s brand essence. As we explored these themes, we crafted a unique message to bring to the market. The messaging platform included unique value propositions, benefits, and solutions tailored specifically for sponsors and CROs, and several other key buyers.


New Tagline:

Flourish Research Case Study
Logo Design

With the goal of differentiation in mind, we embarked on creating a logo that accurately and decisively depicted the Flourish brand. Exploring the themes of thriving and progress, we landed on the idea of a bloom distilled to its geometric essence. This logo showcases Flourish’s scientific and unified approach while highlighting movement, growth, and organic visual appeal. The bloom is cohesive, evoking the feeling of one and illustrating the unity and inclusive nature of clinical trials.

Flourish Research Case Study
Visual Identity System

The soul of Flourish revealed itself as bold and unified. The emphasis on the bloom and the many manifestations this shape can take allowed the brand to come to life and thrive visually. Not long after the reveal of Flourish’s new brand identity system, brand elements began appearing in the Zoom background during meetings with the Flourish team. You could say the visual system flourished quickly!

Strategize the Launch

One of the most critical elements of introducing the Flourish brand was the website launch. The site is the critical link for reaching potential buyers, and it’s the place where the new company would come to life in the eyes of the outside world. We created a custom animated scroll experience using the bloom to powerfully illustrate the Flourish story. The illustration, bold colors, and human-centric images appear throughout the website, reinforcing its bold visual statement.

Cindi Heckmann
Vice President, Corporate Marketing
We are thrilled with our new brand. From the infant stage to the launch, Golden Spiral led us through the entire process, culminating in a beautiful website. Flourish has already received many compliments from industry experts on how fresh the brand looks. The brand and our company evolved daily during this project, and we are grateful for Golden Spiral’s expertise, guidance, and flexibility.

From the start, the Flourish team brought positive energy, enthusiasm, and a collaborative sense of wonder to the process which fueled our team’s creative energy and resulted in a great product. Creating a new company by uniting numerous clinical trial sites had its challenges. We worked effectively with the Flourish team throughout the process, balancing what we knew would resonate in the market with the factors they had to navigate internally. We launched a brand and website that boldly differentiates their company — and we have seen a quick and affirming response from the industry.

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